The modular system

as an all-in-one solution for state-of-the-art, versatile e-bikes

Wide range of batteries, motors, displays and digital functions

FIT Icons best in class Komponenten weiss

Modular integration of countless best-in-class components from different manufacturers

FIT Icons App Cloud Funktionen weiss

Optimal configuration and high flexibility for every segment

Perfectly coordinated e-bike system integration for 36 V and 48 V

Tips for specialist dealers*


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*Only available in German

No time for proper familiarization with new manufacturer tools, employee training and the development of know-how?

Then these 3 tips from specialist dealer Sager-2Rad from Emmenbrücke (CH) will help you make your everyday work more efficient in the e-bike business.

Secrets for specialist dealers*


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*Only available in German

As a specialist e-bike dealer, are you struggling with increasingly demanding customer requirements and the associated high warehouse costs that slow down your sales growth?

We’ll tell you 9 secrets on how you can increase your sales long term without having to expand your range.